About Schaff & Young, P.C.
Founded in April 2005 by well-known Philadelphia attorneys Barbara Young and Michael Schaff, Schaff & Young is a boutique law firm that provides our clients with a unique combination of specialized knowledge and personalized service. With nearly 50 years of combined experience, Barbara Young and Michael Schaff have created a practice devoted primarily to defending employers, businesses, insurance companies, self-insureds, and third-party administrators in worker's compensation matters arising in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and under the Longshore and Harbor Worker's Compensation Act.

What makes us different from other "similar" law offices is our firm's dedication to analyzing every claim and preparing innovative, creative and aggressive defense plans that consider the facts of every case, all of the legal issues likely to arise, and the client's budgetary and other concerns. We also understand that litigation is not always the most effective way to handle a particular claim, and will work with clients to devise efficient alternatives for handling their cases. Most importantly, we always have an ongoing dialogue with our clients, assuring that they understand and agree with whatever actions we take on their behalf.

At Schaff & Young, we understand the importance of prompt, candid advice, and provide every client with timely analyses of their cases, along with recommendations designed to present the best defense in a cost-effective manner. This straightforward approach to defending workers' compensation and other defense matters has allowed us to triple in size since our founding, an impressive rate of growth at a time when the number of workers' comp claims continues to decrease. In fact, the firm's rapid growth was featured in an article in the August 5, 2005 Philadelphia Business Journal.

If you would like to learn how the Schaff & Young difference can help you and your company defend against workers' compensation, and other defense matters, please contact Barbara Young or Michael Schaff at (215) 988-0090 or send us an email to info@schaffyoung.com. We look forward to working with you.